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About Biatorbágy


Biatorbágy is situated to the west from the capital; it is one of the the most western settlements in Pest County. From the middle of the ’90s, an intensive migration has started to Biatorbágy, consisting mostly of young, middle class, intellectual families.  More than a thousand apartments were built here within ten years. The total population today is about 13,000. Generally, we can characterize Biatorbágy as a dynamically developing, rejuvenating suburbia. The social status and the income of the residents of Biatorbágy is significantly more favorable than the national average, as only 2% of the working age  residents are unemployed.

The distance from downtown Budapest is 20 kilometers.


By car: going west on the M1 motorway or on route 100.

By public transportation: railway or bus with frequent services and an accurate timetable.

Preserving the natural values:

Due to the professional and well-thought-out local building code, in spite of the construction of some logistical centers, Biatorbágy preserved its economical values unique in the region and kept its livable areas in the residential area. Route 100 serves as a boundary separating the residential and commercial areas.

The areas of Új Bázis Ingatlan Kft.

Zöld Sziget – “Where it is good to be at home.”

The Új Bázis Ingatlan Kft. was founded as FM Bázis Kft in 2001 with the purpose of conducting a residential and township centered greenfield  investment and development on a 77,000 acre area located on the west side of Biatorbágy. The area was divided into three segments (Phase I, II and III) and was given the brand name “Zöld Sziget”.
Building public utilities for Phase I and II was completed in 2004. Phase I is completely built in; Phase II is 90% built and an additional 30% is an integral part of the parcels currently offered for sale. The regulatory plans for Phase III  are currently under revision, the  goal of the modifications is to have the regulatory plans precisely include the experience from past years and the expected market demands such as the ratio of the green areas, the size of the buildings, the parcel area coverage, etc.

Szarvasugrás – “The City Gateway”

… is frequented by the visitors and the tourists daily, and they do their daily shopping in the stores (CBA Príma and Penny Market) operating in the area. The excellent location enables the area to become a centralized shopping district serving the township.

The new town district is located at the junction of Route 1, near the Budapest – Győr – Vienna railroad. The almost 22,000 acre development area blends in well with the network of currently existing settlements, and has excellent connections to the suburbs in the agglomeration axis of motorway M1 and  route 1. During the formation of the development plans, the goal of the local government was not only to have residential areas, but to ensure the possibilities of commercial development as well.